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In any given year, there are more than twenty million students studying in colleges and universities across the United States. Depending upon their course work, they will spend anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 per semester on their textbooks. Most textbooks are purchased from local, campus bookstores.

While the immediate cost of their books is a bitter pill for most, their bigger shock comes at the end of the semester when attempt to sell their “almost-new books” to their sources – normally the campus bookstores. Regrettably, the same textbook that cost a student $100 in August will only get him (her) $10 to $15 when he attempt to sell it back to the bookstore in December.

These students all wish they could spend less money to acquire their textbooks, they all wish they were able to sell back their textbooks for a reasonable cash back, but they all spend hundreds of dollars on the same books that other students are giving away for free!!!

Triobook as an online platform has a broad mission: To bring fairness to the entire textbooks experience.

We want to ensure that no one will ever have to drive all the way to the bookstore, or wait in long line cues to sell, buy, or return books. No one will have to pay any more than they should, or give away their books if they don’t want to. Each students will have 20 million other students to sell books to, or buy used books from.